Events in 2018

29 Mar

1 on 1 with Eric Brotto


24 Mar

Lean Startup Drill

Singleton Solutions

05 Mar

What do investors look for in a start-up or a team


01 Mar

6 elements of a successful Crowdfunding campaign


16 Feb

Upwork Academy

KG Coworking

18 Jan

Entrepreneurship stories - Ljuba Miljković Youngblom


Events in 2017

27 Dec

Ultimate Upwork Guide - Janko Glavonjić

KG Hub

18 Dec

How to segment the market and find the right customers - Maria Nemenman

KG Coworking

12 Dec

Mini Startup Academy with Startit

KG Hub

05 Dec

Development of Mobile MVP Product and Positioning for faster growth - Ariel Kedem


31 Oct

Getting Started with React - Reactify yourself - Aleksandar Živković

KG Hub

24 Oct

Fundamentals of investment and trade in cryptoworks - Miloš Radojković

KG Hub

18 Oct

3 Steps to Increase Sales (KICK WarmUp)

KG Hub

17 Oct

The basics of video production - Saša Radovanović and Marjan Stojanović

KG Hub

09 Oct

Networking night

KG Hub

02 Oct

Marketing on social networks - Strahinja Ćalović

KG Hub

22 Sept

Introduction to Go - Miloš Mileusnić

KG Hub

30 Jun

Etsy meetup - Suzana Crnogorac i Aleksandar Nikolić

KG Coworking

07 Jun

Start-up day - Pracatical experiences

PMF Kragujevac

02 Jun

Upwork meetup - Janko Glavonjić

KG Coworkng

25 May

Early Stage Capital Raising meetup with Keith Ippel

KG Coworking

12 May

Get to know NoSql i MongoDB - Vladimir Tešić

KG Coworking

28 Apr

How to send goods from Serbia abroad - Miško Stojanović

KG Coworking

23 Mar

Social Media Marketing - Strahinja Ćalović

KG Coworking

Lean Startup Drill

March 24th, 2018 & March 25th, 2018

Singleton Solutions, Aleksandra I Karađorđevića 23 II Sprat

Lean Startup Drill is an intensive two-day program of testing and developing business ideas according to the Lean Startup methodology. This program is intended for all innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, etc. who want to start their own startup, test their idea or simply learn the "LEAN" concept and the way this can be accomplished. Lean Startup methodology has helped various startups, such as Dropbox, AirBnB, Zynga. Also, this methodology has been shaped by transformations, such as General Electric and Toyota, and has helped various governments. General Electric used this methodology to develop a brand new diesel engine. Zappos used this methodology to develop the world's first online shoe store in 1999, which continues to operate successfully today with an even larger product range. Startup Drill is a team from Croatia, who were the founders of startups, mentors, lecturers and had executive roles in various profit and non-profit organizations. After studying various methodologies related to entrepreneurship, they found the concept of Lean Startup, began to hold workshops and lectures, and after that they found the perfect way to combine their entire experience into a single and intense exercise. It's a Startup Drill. Startup Drill is coming to Kragujevac, 24.03. and 25.03. with the goal of providing our community with a unique opportunity, from developing the idea to practicing sales to investors. This workshop is completely free, and due to the limited number of places you need to fill in the application in detail. You can fill in the application form on our official website.

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